Coming to a street near you.

Image: Courtesy Lime

“I would and I have. In a world where we have not very long to figure out our climate, and if we want to prevent a catastrophe from happening, I think we need to figure these out as soon as possible. I don’t think we can afford not to at least try any promising transportation alternative.”

—Mike O’Brien, sustainability and transportation committee chair, Seattle City Council

“I would not personally, I think there’s potentially some benefit to them but no, I think some of the early data that has been published on them raises concerns…especially for inexperienced users who haven’t ridden one.”

—Dr. John Benson, physical medicine and rehab specialist, Swedish Medical Center

“Obviously they have problems—people are anxious about safety and that complaint is totally valid and important. If I arrived at a stop and I had 10 minutes to get to a meeting that was a 20-minute walk away, damn right I’d use a scooter. I’m a relatively risk-taking guy though.”

—Andrew Kidde, Rainier Valley chair, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways

"Well, I’d want it to be in an open area, I’d wear a helmet, and I’d want to be sober. I wouldn’t want to ride it on a sidewalk in downtown Seattle, I think that would be annoying, but if it was in an open area, I’d ride it. Again, wearing a helmet and sober."

Shelly Baldwin, legislative and media director, Washington Traffic Safety Commission

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