“It rains so often you’d have to carry the umbrella with you every day. If you’re from Seattle, what’s usually in your hand? A cup of coffee and your phone. If you’ve got [those], you don’t have a third hand to carry an umbrella. What’s more important? Coffee and phone.” 
—Scott Sistek, staff meteorologist, KOMO News

“In the Northwest, it’s an accepted reality. You just get wet. People don’t really care that much. [They’ll] wear rain jackets and their Patagonias and their rain boots, but they’re just like, We don’t really need umbrellas.” —Whitney Powell, Pacific Northwest native and blogger, Whit Wanders

“It’s lore. I’ve never thought that was true. This is a transplant city and you’re seeing a huge fashion shift here.... We’re not on a crusade to debunk [the] myth, but people are rocking umbrellas.” —Jason Sullivan, cofounder, umbrella company Certain Standard

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