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Seattle mayor Ed Murray in November 2014. 

Attorneys for the 46-year-old man accusing Seattle mayor Ed Murray of child rape filed new documents Tuesday that revealed the plaintiff's full name. 

"As Mr. Simpson and Mr. Anderson have been courageous in stepping forward publicly, D.H. feels as though he should not proceed in anonymity," the accuser's attorney, Lincoln Beauregard, wrote in the amended complaint.

The man—who was first known only by his initials, D.H.—is Delvonn Heckard. In the amended complaint his attorneys refuted earlier accusations by Murray's attorney that Heckard had ties to far-right ploys to take down the mayor's campaign. "D.H. is not a pawn in any conspiracy, as alleged by Mr. Murray and his hit team," Beauregard wrote. He said Heckard was openly gay and had no political inclinations. 

"Oddly, Mr. Murray’s lawyers assisted Mr. Murray in hosting press conferences, making public statements, and having his genitals examined, but have not bothered, as of this day, to ask about D.H.’s real identity," Beauregard wrote. "Mr. Murray is entitled to this information, and his lawyers could have asked for the first day the lawsuit was filed. Instead, Mr. Murray has put on a public charade. Any normal person would have asked his accuser's name before having his genitals examined."

Murray released a statement Wednesday morning saying he doesn't know the name and has never had sex with Heckard.

“I can state categorically that I have never had a sexual relationship with this individual, Delvonn Heckard, of any kind or at any time," Murray said. “Is it possible I met this person before? Sure, it is possible. I have encountered thousands of people during my decades of public service. I cannot say for certain that I never encountered this person at some point thirty years ago, a time when I was very publicly and civically active. But Delvonn Heckard is not someone I knew."

Heckard sued Murray on April 6 on grounds of child rape, alleging that Heckard was 15 years old when Murray began paying him for intercourse and other sexual acts. The complaint alleged that at the time, Heckard was addicted to drugs and "willing to do whatever" Murray asked for as little as $10 to $20. 

Murray and his attorney, Bob Sulkin, have adamantly denied the claims. In an op-ed published in The Stranger, Murray said the previous accuser had extorted him for money. (The former accuser, Jeff Simpson, has since denied any attempts of extortion to The Stranger. Murray has yet to elaborate on this claim.) Sulkin has said they don't know who D.H. is; he called for the case to be dismissed after Murray released a physical exam stating he had no mole on his genitals.

Beauregard also acknowledged the mole in the amended complaint and said the description was of the mayor 30 years ago. Sulkin so far has not responded to Beauregard's request to depose Murray. 

“Without offering any evidence, the accuser has described me in very specific and intimate detail, and his accusation depends on these descriptions being accurate,” Murray said. “If this description is inaccurate, the accusation cannot be credible. Yesterday, I provided material evidence refuting the accusation. The accusation should be laid to rest.”

Updated April 19, 2017, at 11:26am. This post includes new statements from mayor Ed Murray.

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