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Washington Senators Support Bills to Block Trump's Immigration Order

"President Trump’s executive order on immigration flies in the face of our core American values. These bills will ensure Trump’s executive orders do not go into effect."

By Spencer Ricks January 31, 2017

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Senator Patty Murray meets with Seattle-area residents who have family members affected by president Donald Trump's executive order banning immigration from seven Muslim-majority nations on Sunday. Murray and senator Maria Cantwell cosponsored two bills on Monday seeking to undercut the executive order. (

New bills in the Senate are clashing against president Donald Trump’s executive order over immigration.

Washington senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell cosponsored two bills on Monday to overturn President Trump’s executive order, which temporarily banned immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries and limited refugees entering the U.S.

The Feinstein bill, introduced by senator Dianne Feinstein of California, would completely overturn the executive order. However, Senate Republicans blocked voting on the Feinstein bill Monday.

The Murphy bill, which was the other proposal cosponsored by Murray and Cantwell, would cut off any funding to enforce the executive order. Introduced by senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut, the Murphy bill alleges the executive order is illegal based on the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act, which banned discrimination against immigrants on the basis of national origin.

“President Trump’s executive order on immigration flies in the face of our core American values,” Cantwell said in a statement. “These bills will ensure Trump’s executive orders do not go into effect. America must continue to be a leader on human rights and we must do our part to help Syrian refugees and all fleeing persecution.”

Republican senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas was the congressman who objected to the Feinstein bill and spearheaded the blockage of voting on the bill. He said he thinks most Americans support the common-sense measures of the executive order.

“Here’s the minority shedding crocodile tears over President Trump’s immigration and refugee policy,” Cotton said in a speech on the Senate floor. “But, where were the tears in the past eight years when when president Barack Obama’s foreign policy created all these refugees?”

In addition to cosponsoring the Feinstein and Murphy bills, Murray and Cantwell sent another letter to Trump and asked him to immediately revoke the executive order on refugees as it runs “counter to what truly makes America great.” The letter mentions that there is no evidence that restricting more than 200 million people from entering the U.S. will make the nation more secure from terrorists.

“I met with the family of somebody who was turned away from our country this weekend, and I saw first-hand the grief and confusion this executive order has caused,” Murray said. “We cannot stand for this. I applaud the many peaceful demonstrators and lawyers who rushed to our airports to defend our democracy and help the people who have come to our country seeking refuge.”

Democrats will need the support of at least 12 Republicans to get the Murphy bill through the Senate.

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