That Washington

Murray Makes Eleventh-Hour Effort to Stop DeVos Nomination

"I’ve received tens of thousands of calls."

02/07/2017 By Spencer Ricks

That Washington

Jayapal Fighting Against Religious Discrimination of Immigrants

"This is not just an act of resistance against xenophobic policies, but a clear signal to President Trump."

02/03/2017 By Spencer Ricks

That Washington

How Our Senators Will Vote on Trump's Cabinet Nominees

“President Trump said he was going to ‘drain the swamp,’ but he seems to think the way to do that is by filling it with even bigger swamp creatures.”

02/02/2017 By Spencer Ricks

That Washington

Washington Senators Slam Trump's Supreme Court Pick

"The American people deserve a Supreme Court justice who will ensure full protection of all their rights, especially the right to privacy."

02/01/2017 By Spencer Ricks

That Washington

Washington Reps Join Bipartisan Effort to Protect Deportation of "Dreamers"

"Our inhumane immigration system goes against our values. We need to work together to solve this crisis."

02/01/2017 By Spencer Ricks

That Washington

Washington Senators Support Bills to Block Trump's Immigration Order

"President Trump’s executive order on immigration flies in the face of our core American values. These bills will ensure Trump’s executive orders do not go into effect."

01/31/2017 By Spencer Ricks

That Washington

First "Small Victory" Achieved Over Immigration Ban at Sea-Tac

“Trump should know that this is not over. This is only the beginning of our resistance.”

01/30/2017 By Spencer Ricks


Congress Hoping to Protect Local VA, Navy Jobs After Trump's Hiring Freeze

"The civilian men and women who support the Navy provide mission critical maintenance to ensure the Navy can meet security requirements around the world, and should thus be granted an exception."

01/27/2017 By Spencer Ricks

That Washington

Rep. Jayapal Joins Local Fight Against Trump's Immigration Actions

“Right now, our legal team is looking at the executive orders to see what exactly might happen to King County if Trump’s executive orders are carried through.”

01/26/2017 By Spencer Ricks

That Washington

House Delivers Blow to Reproductive Rights with New Measure; DelBene Resists

“This bill is an insult to the millions of women who marched this weekend.”

01/25/2017 By Spencer Ricks

That Washington

Trump's Nominees Facing Active Opposition from Washington Senators

“I have deep concerns about his views on protecting Americans’ civil liberties and privacy.”

01/24/2017 By Spencer Ricks

City Hall

New Survey Documents Workers' Scheduling Woes, Though Finds Majority "Satisfied" with Status Quo

Following up $15, city council continues to study secured scheduling legislation, though some workers said new rules aren't needed.

07/27/2016 By Spencer Ricks

Afternoon Jolt

District Councils Meet in West Seattle to Denounce Mayor's Decision

District Council members say mayor's decision end relationship with neighborhood groups is unfair.

07/21/2016 By Spencer Ricks

City Hall

Herbold, Sawant Question Industry Report on Secure Scheduling

As council continues to study work scheduling guidelines, pros and cons of San Francisco law debated.

06/29/2016 By Spencer Ricks