From Mayor Ed Murray: Seattle’s Way in the Era of Donald Trump

Our city needs to keep leading the way.

By Ed Murray January 19, 2017 Published in the February 2017 issue of Seattle Met

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There’s a successful alternative to the reactionary agenda we’re hearing from the new White House. Seattle has demonstrated time and again that we will step up to lead: Five times in the past three years, voters have gone to the ballot to make Seattle a more affordable and livable city. And we’ve undertaken a transformation of our police department to ensure every person enjoys the rights they’re afforded under the Constitution—and that we repair the relationship between our police and the communities they serve.

These efforts reflect the values of our city—inclusion, opportunity, and equity—and we will always work to uphold them. We’ll partner with other cities, including our recently signed memorandum of understanding with Mexico City, to take on issues like climate change. We will stand with those partner cities, like San Francisco, where immigrants, Muslims, and anyone else can feel safe and welcomed in their own communities.

These values are core to our identity as a city and a state and a nation. Seattle must lead on standing up for these values, and we will.

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