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The First Muslim

It can be difficult to separate leaders from the religions they spawned. And that’s why The First Muslim: The Story of Muhammad, by Seattle resident Lesley Hazleton, is a valuable resource for anyone in search of a greater understanding of Islam. Neither tweedy analysis nor spiritual teaching, the biography recounts the life and very real struggles of the Prophet Muhammad.


Interpersonal Communication

No matter how well you navigated the rancorous 18-month slog that led to the 2016 election, chances are you could stand to brush up on your communication skills. Though Laurel Bragstad’s six-week online course—available through South Seattle Community College—doesn’t specifically address political pugilism, it does offer insight into something we all need more of: conflict resolution. 


We the Voters

Was your presidential choice so easy that the act of voting felt like a rote exercise devoid of any self-reflection? Maybe it’s time to reboot how you look at elections. Produced by Paul Allen’s Vulcan Productions, We the Voters takes a pun-tastic approach to examining the right many of us have taken for granted through 20 mini-films covering everything from “poll dancing” to, uh, “mastering debate.” 


8 Steps to Peace of Mind: A Journey into Meditation

Want to find some inner, post-election peace but you’re skeptical about meditating? Subhan Schenker gets you. In his eight-session course at North Seattle College, the former lawyer will teach you how to slow your mind and place it firmly in the present—after helping you shake out the nervous energy you’ve been bottling up. 

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