Smd 3238 klpaba

For our portrait of Seafair’s Albert Lee Cup defending champion, we hoped to include the boat. But catching up with that boat? Photographer Brandon Hill and I had a two-week window. Week one, the hydroplane was bound for the Tri-Cities for a test run—and our trek to meet it there alone would’ve eaten up our one allotted day. Week two, the boat was back in Fife and we hoped to put it into Lake Washington for the shoot. While we waited for repairs on the boat, we learned the owner was leaving town sooner than expected—and taking it with him to Indiana. So we forwent the boat altogether and, on June 16, just photographed Kelly at the Seafair hydroplane launch site. It was for the best. We discovered the day of the shoot that we would’ve had to coordinate a crane to set the boat in the water—a costly, time-consuming distraction. Besides, Kelly, alone with Lake Washington sparkling in the background, looks better than that elusive hydroplane ever could.  Sara D’Eugenio, associate art director

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