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I pretended that I still didn’t have a debilitating cold yesterday and came in to work and…coughed and coughed and coughed.

The one bit of reporting I managed to muddle through was to get some clarity on the Sound Transit Three funding proposal. ST’s board presentation last week laid out a series of revenue models to fund light rail expansion to Everett, Redmond, and Tacoma and build more within Seattle. Proposed 15-, 20-, and 25-year models all rely on a new sales tax (0.5 percent), motor vehicle excise tax (0.8 percent), and property tax (25 cents per $1,000 in assessed value), generating $15 billion, $20 billion, and $27 billion respectively.

 And their documents said: “Under collection of the full authorized revenues the estimated cost to a typical adult living in the Sound Transit District would be approximately $200 more annually, or about $17 per month.”

Here’s the other piece of that, though: Current ST taxes—0.9 percent sales tax and 0.3 percent MVET—will still be part of your monthly bill, and were also factored into the ST3 revenue model when they’re done paying off currently approved ST lines.

So, that “full tax authority” of “$200 per adult annually” that ST keeps talking about is actually on top of the $170 annually that you’re already paying—and will continue to pay to ultimately help fund ST3. So, that’s about $30 a month.

Otherwise: File this under On Other Blogs Today. There’s a total nerd war going on over bus lanes on the waterfront. Definitely check out Mike Lindblom’s story on the debate—starring Seattle Transit Blog and walkable-community promoters Feet First—over how many lanes (currently eight are proposed, including a bus-only lane) the waterfront redesign should have.

There’s also a little war going on between urbanist architect Rob Harrison and urbanist (?) council member Mike O’Brien over on the Smart Growth Seattle blog.

Harrison seems to have caught O’Brien changing the rules of the housing affordability grand bargain by giving neighbors more say in stopping upzones.

And finally, in the national GOP versus GOP war, check out U.S. senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) take (down) on Donald Trump. And more specifically, Graham's candor about why Republicans support Trump.

His analysis features the word "irrational."

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