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“Amazon has a broad web offering and client base, Uber has the delivery network, and both are accustomed to on-demand services. However, the profit margins are slim, so the question is what will they do differently to make it worthwhile.”

   –Gareth Green, Associate professor and chair of the department of economics at Seattle University

"I was surprised to find out [Uber is] actually just driving around with premade food in their cars. They can execute food really fast; on the other hand I would think it’s really important what the food is. Soups and stews would work well. But you would not want our pizza sitting for 45 minutes in a hot holding bag."

   –Sasha Mitronovas, Driver manager at Pagliacci Pizza

"In an industry that has very little marketing budget, this could be really cool. We don’t drive trucks or do delivery for a living and we don’t want to get into that; we don’t have the infrastructure. But let us do this together—at the end of the day we are still learning about food safety and delivery."

   –Anthony Anton, President and CEO of the Washington Restaurant Association

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