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"Public education is a mess, so as an organized body of educators they could be more effective in influencing the discussion about education funding. Public education critics want to pit K–12 against higher ed; I want both groups to be able stand up for public education.”  

-Jonathan Knapp, president of the public school teachers’ union, Seattle Education Association

“The administration worries about paying people more, but UW is having problems competing against other schools because of lower pay. The UW is a top-20 ranked university in the world, right up there with Harvard and Yale, but they’re not paying those same salaries.”

David Bunting, Professor and chair of the economics department at Eastern Washington University

“A union would be able to bargain not only for wages and benefits but overall working conditions, which are students’ learning conditions. No one goes into the business of teaching college to get rich; a union would just mean that the faculty voice would be much stronger.”

Bill Lyne, Professor of American and African American literature at Western Washington University, president of the United Faculty of Washington State