PubliCalendar: Stay Informed and Win Arguments

Today's picks for civic nerds

By Darren Davis October 15, 2014

For Today

Maple Leaf Candidates and Issues Forum

The Maple Leaf Community Council's annual forum gives local candidates the opportunity to discuss ballot measures, judicial races, and other issues. As voting time approaches, with some key issues on the ballot this year, staying informed (Prop 1? Prop 1A?? Prop 1B???) is the best way to vote in your community's best interest and also win arguments.

The forum will include short speeches from candidates, opportunity for rebuttal, then things will open up for audience members to weigh in. The Maple Leaf forum is usually very well attended, so come join the party.

Maple Leaf Candidates and Issues Forum, Wed, Oct 15, 7–9pm, Olympic View Elementary, 5th NE and NE 95th, Free.

For Thursday

Central Co-op Presents: 'Food For Change'

Central Co-op, Capitol Hill’s granola-crunching neighbor to Trader Joe's, is screening Food for Change, a first-of-its-kind documentary that explores the trajectory of the food co-op as a community model, as well as the importance of organic foods and the establishment of regional food systems.

Following the screening, filmmaker Steve Alves will take the stage for a discussion about how co-ops are helping to shape the consumer landscape in the Northwest.

Central Co-op Presents: Food For Change, Thurs, Oct 16, 7–10pm, Broadway Performance Hall, 1625 Broadway, $5

Advance Notice for November 5

National Philanthropy Day

If there is one thing you can say about philanthropists, its that they are really good at doing selfless things with their money. If there is a second thing you can say about philanthropists, its that they are just as good at honoring each other for doing selfless things with their money.

At National Philanthropy Day, come be part of the back-patting and know it is, as always, for a good cause. Five local honorees, including individuals and institutions, will be honored for their commendable work in putting time, money, and effort toward toward their passion for helping others.

National Philanthropy Day, Wed, Nov 5, 11:30am–1:30pm, Westin Seattle, 1900 Fifth Ave, $90–$1000


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