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Seattle Food Blog Chain: Scott Heimendinger

A geeky cook, a gifted photographer, a man who prefers to write in the nude—that’s, the next link in the food blog chain.

By Allyson Marrs July 12, 2011

“I want to focus on things that are geeky with an emphasis on things that are local,” says Heimendinger.

Photo Courtesy: Victor Estevez

The Seattle Food Blog Chain: Nosh Pit spotlights a Seattle food blogger, then asks that blogger to point us in the direction of another food blogger. Last time we talked to chef Becky Selengut, she passed us on to Scott Heimendinger, AKA Seattle Food Geek.

Selengut on Heimendinger: “He is the sexiest food geek ever, and this is coming from a lesbian, so that means a lot."

About the blogger With only a few cooking classes under his belt, Heimendinger has made a name for himself experimenting with just about everything in the kitchen. “One of the ideas that I’m starting to play with is using Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation for food.” On octopi, for instance. “Can I make a dish where part of an octopus changes color on the plate? I think a lot of people would find it gross, I find it kind of cool.”

But his real passion is the food-prep method sous vide, in which vacuum-sealed edibles are submerged in water and cooked slowly at low temperatures. “It’s still pretty new for home cooking," explains the blogger. "I’m fascinated by what we haven’t discovered yet.”

Mini-review of the blog Seattle Food Geek combines high school chemistry class with sophisticated cooking and mouthwatering photos. Heimendinger frequently posts results of his whacky home experiments along with DIY tricks that—fair warning—require some dedication. See, for instance, Shrimp in Cocktail Leather.

Bookmark if You’re a geek too. “I get a lot of the same people who go to Comic-Con,” says Heimendinger. If you’re reading my blog questioning: ‘Why the fuck would anyone ever care about this?’ you’re probably not my audience.”

Level of commitment Despite his fulltime gig as a program manager at Microsoft, Heimendinger spends 20 hours a week maintaining his site. Scientists are such overachievers.

Randomly selected quote “I don’t have a lot of experience shucking—I find it awkward and a little dangerous to go jabbing a blade into an oyster’s crevice. So, it’s a good thing I can use liquid nitrogen to do the work instead.”

What you don’t know “I write most of my articles naked.”

Advice for aspiring food bloggers “If you love Wheat Thins, make your blog about Wheat Thins,” he suggests. “Don’t try to be all things to all people.”

What local blogger did Heimendinger choose to form the next link in the chain? Find out next week on Nosh Pit.

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