Just a Jolt today, courtesy of a former state Republican leader who apparently mistook a juvenile (and sexist) personal insult for political discourse: 

Kirby Wilbur, the former radio talk jock-turned-state Republican Party chair Kirby Wilbur mocked the women (including Mayor Mike McGinn's wife, Peggy Lynch) who got arrested at Republican Party headquarters in Bellevue yesterday during a protest against the stalled immigration-reform talks in Congress, tweeted yesterday that the women protesting were "left wing witches and hags" who "looked so old and ugly." 

Wilbur did not add any relevant political commentary to his personal attack on the 33 women arrested in yesterday's act of civil disobedience, which was aimed at raising the heat on House Speaker John Boehner to pass Democratic-sponsored legislation to create a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. 

The current head of the state Republican Party, Susan Hutchison, released a statement yesterday expressing her regret that she was out of town and unable to talk to the women personally.

Hutchison continued: "We are happy to have dialogue with anyone on the important issue of immigration reform. You cannot fix a broken law by breaking the law. Our landlord asked these activists to leave because they were disturbing the other tenants in the building. We look forward to continuing a dialogue on this important issue and anyone who wants to talk with me can call to schedule an appointment.”  

GOP spokesman Keith Schipper notes that Wilbur now lives in Virginia, and "has no influence on the Washington state Republican Party."

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