Still feeling the shock waves from yesterday's endorsement snub of Rep. Dave Reichert by the Seattle Times (which certainly dwarfs the paper's meaningless Murray/Rossi endorsement today), we give today's Cola Sugar High to partisan Democratic blogger David Goldstein.

Earlier this season, Goldy broke the story that Reichert admitted (behind closed doors to a group of Republican PCOs) that his pro-environmental votes were a ruse.

With that story in play, the Seattle Times—which had previously called Reichert "principled"—had no choice but to renege on its prior endorsements of the former King County sheriff, against whom Goldy has been editorializing for years.

Win one for Goldy.

Today's Sugar Crash goes to the the Mayor of Bellevue, Don Davidson.

Davidson has been pushing for a more expensive light rail route that would avoid South Bellevue and its existing park-and-ride and run alongside I-405, resulting in lower ridership.

Given today's news about Sound Transit's $3.9 billion budget shortfall, Davidson cause celebre should be DOA.
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