1. Win One for McGinn

The Seattle Parks Foundation held a mayoral forum last week where Q13 Fox's C.R. Douglas queried the two mayoral candidates, incumbent Mike McGinn and state Sen. Ed Murray (D-43, Capitol Hill), about parks and open space issues—their visions for the waterfront, parks funding, and public bathrooms, among other issues.

Who won?

According to a post-debate survey done by the Parks Foundation: McGinn. Overwhelmingly.

Asked "Which candidate provides the clearest vision for Seattle's public space?", 59 percent chose McGinn, while just 19 percent chose Murray. 

Twenty-two percent called it a "Tie" or responded, "Neither."

McGinn made some news at the forum by floating the idea of a one-cent soda tax to fund parks. Murray opposed the idea.

2. Win One for Murray

After McGinn held a press conference accusing Murray of failing to support affirmative action (a McGinn supporter, former state Rep. Velma Veloria, D-11, charged that Murray opposed legislation sponsored by the late Rep. Kip Tokuda, D-37, that would have upheld affirmative action in Washington state), Murray responded today with a stern statement and endorsements from more than a dozen minority leaders. 

"We are deeply concerned by false statements made recently by the Mayor’s campaign that imply that Senator Murray has not supported issues for communities of color," the statement—signed by former King County executive Ron Sims, state Rep. Eric Pettigrew (D-11), immigrant rights advocate Pramila Jayapal, and ex-Urban League director James Kelly— says.

"We support him precisely because he has a consistent and strong voice for equal rights and justice in our state and he has spent his career of fighting for ALL people." The letter cites Murray's support for the DREAM Act, which would give immigrants' children the ability to obtain college aid, marriage equaliyty, the state housing trust fund, and anti-bullying bills in the state legislature. 


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