Some extra Fizz/Isn't It Weird That: 

1.Yesterday, Mayor Mike McGinn announced that he was including, as part of his 2014 budget proposal, $1.5 million for a new "gender justice initiatiave"—essentially, money to improve pay for female city employees, who make, on average, 9.5 percent less than men (largely because they're concentrated in jobs, like administrative assistant positions, that pay less than the job categories, like engineers, dominated by men). 

So isn't it weird that despite his stated commitment to reducing the pay gap between female and male employees at the city, McGinn's own office has one of the largest gender pay gaps of any city department?

Although the mayor's office does employ more women than men overall (24 women to 13 men), men who work for the mayor's office make, on average, 20 percent more than women who work for the mayor—an average of $35.96 an hour, compared to $45 on average for men.

The only departments with a comparable pay disparity are the city's Municipal Court, the personnel department, SPD, and the city attorney's office.

Women make more than men, on average, in the transportation department, the library, neighborhoods, Seattle Public Utilities, and finance and administration. 

2. Barb Wilson, the generally pro-density longtime head of the city's Planning Commission, is leaving her job at the city to take over as head of government relations (AKA chief lobbyist) at the South Lake Union real-estate developer Vulcan, a job previously occupied by Dan McGrady (who left to work for Pemco Insurance) and Lyn Tangen (who retired).

Vulcan recruit Wilson also happens to be a recent donor to ("anti-establishment") Mayor Mike McGinn. 

We have a call out to Wilson to find out more about her new position. 


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