Isn't It Weird That ... The proposed Local Improvement District for the downtown waterfront (which has been the subject of an "Isn't it Weird That" before for even existing in the first place)—essentially, a special property tax on waterfront property owners—would extend all the way from Yesler Way in Pioneer Square to Denny Way, almost in South Lake Union? 

It's pretty hard to see how businesses and other property owners in south Pioneer Square and SLU will benefit as much as those in the heart of the central waterfront (like those around Pike Place Market), although both will have to pay an identical tax for waterfront "improvements" like a new waterfront promenade, improvements to the downtown piers, and (as a Waterfront Seattle brochure describes it), a new "web of streets, stairs, elevators, bridges and overlooks with views to create a lively, safe and accessible connection between Belltown and the waterfront."  

Although the waterfront "project area" technically extends down past King St. to the south, its northern terminus is Battery St., several blocks to the south of Denny.

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