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Wednesday Jolt: Tom Rasmussen Backs Off aPodment Moratorium

Wednesday Jolt: Tom Rasmussen may be OK with aPodments.

By Afternoon Jolt March 27, 2013



Afternoon Jolt

 City council member Tom Rasmussen told PubliCola this afternoon that he is backing away from the idea of a moratorium on micro-housing, or "aPodments" (the brand name adopted by one developer). 

Rasmussen is apparently coming around on the idea of aPodments, which are tiny apartments that share a kitchen and get around existing land-use code because each group of seven micro-units, for example, constitute a single living unit. 

Rasmussen, who initially floated the idea of a moratorium on the units (as we first reported earlier this month) says he's toured aPodments and thinks they're "nice."

"They definitely meet a need" for low-income housing, Rasmussen says. 

Rasmussen says he'd support some kind of design review—which aPodments currently do not have to undergo—instead of a moratorium, which would require seven council votes.  

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