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Morning Fizz: Rendering Himself Ineligible

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By Morning Fizz January 10, 2013


Sen. Tom gets condemned in the 48th

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1. The 48th District Democrats voted 30-8 last night to approve a resolution saying that by breaking ranks with his party to give Republicans control of the state senate, making himself the new senate majority leader, 48th District senator Rodney Tom was "rendering himself ineligible for our future endorsement and support."

2. As mayor Mike McGinn was kicking off his reelection bid yesterday, one of his opponents, Seattle City Council member Tim Burgess, who has some buzz as the downtown establishment candidate of choice—and who may also siphon off some of McGinn's pro-development supporters—announced his latest fundraising numbers. 

In an impressive showing, Burgess raised $75,000 in December, bringing his total to more than $100,000 raised since announcing his candidacy in late November. He reports that he has $80,000 cash on hand. 

Seattle City Council member Tim Burgess has some buzz as the downtown establishment candidate of choice and may also siphon off some ofMcGinn's pro-development supporters.

Mayoral hopeful state senator Ed Murray (D-43, Seattle) raised $123,000 in the brief week and a half that he was allowed to fundraise between his early December announcement and the legislative session fundraising freeze for state legislators. His reports are not in yet, so we don't know how much cash he has on hand.

Going into the the upcoming January 10 reporting deadline, longshot challenger, real-estate investor Charlie Staadecker had just under $36,000 cash on hand; Mayor McGinn had $33,000; and brand new candidate (and former city council member) Peter Steinbrueck had $3,100 cash on hand. North Seattle neighborhood activist Kate Martin is also running.

3. The Seattle Times has a recap on yesterday's big news that San Francisco hedge-fund manager Chris Hansen is close to a deal to bring the NBA's Sacramento Kings to Seattle.

4. Thursdays are when the state Supreme Court issues its decisions, and today the court will not—on this, the last Thursday before the legislative session begins in Olympia next week—issue its ruling on the challenge to the voter-approved law mandating a two-thirds vote of the legislature to raise taxes.

The court has made it very clear, though, that the state needs to find an extra $1 billion for K-12 education funding this biennium, in addition to the $6.5 billion they already spend.

5. Congrats to former PubliCola columnist and cartoonist Sarah Mirk, who was hired to as the online editor for the awesome national feminist magazine Bitch this week.

One of Mirk's PubliComix:


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