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Serious Informal Exploration

By Morning Fizz November 14, 2012

1. Former city council member Peter Steinbrueck denied rumors that he's formed an official exploratory committee to run for mayor (that would require him to give the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission notice within 14 days), but he told Fizz "there's serious [informal] exploration underway."  

Meanwhile, Mount Baker real estate agent Charlie Staadecker, who filed for mayor at the beginning of October, reported raising nearly $40,000. 

2. In response to Steinbrueck's comments about a proposal to upzone land throughout South Lake Union, much of it owned by Paul Allen's Vulcan, to allow buildings as tall as 400 feet, Vulcan sent PubliCola its own analysis of what they say the results of the upzone would be. 

Steinbrueck, who is working for neighborhood groups in the area and the Mirabella retirement community, says the proposed height and density increases would result in light- and-view-blocking towers that are too tall and bulky and provide too few public benefits. "It's a rezone on steroids," Steinbrueck "It's a rezone on steroids," Steinbruck told PubliCola

Vulcan disagrees with Steinbrueck's prediction. In an email, Vulcan consultant Josh Chaitin, who works with the Fearey Group, said the proposal "controls tower bulk, tower location, and spacing, and that SLU, as a result, is intentionally less dense than downtown." 

Here's how Vulcan's modeling compares to Steinbrueck's.



Both sides will have their say tonight at City Hall, where there's a public hearing on the proposal at 5:30 in council chambers.

3. Also today: Governor-elect Jay Inslee will announce the co-chairs of his transition team this morning.

4. The AP has a report on Gov. Chris Gregoire's attempt to get some answers from the feds re: how they're going to deal with Washington state's voter-approved plan to decriminalize, license, sell, and tax pot sales.

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