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By Morning Fizz November 21, 2012


Caffeinated News & Gossip

Fizz hears that KING 5 is cancelling Up Front, its public affairs news show. The show has had an 11-year run and next Friday's show will reportedly be its last.

Up Front host Robert Mak is also a reporter at the station, so he will still be doing news at KING 5.

2. Although six candidates have signed up to fill the First District King County Council seat being vacated by Democratic Attorney General-elect Bob Ferguson, one in particular appears to have an edge for appointment by the council: State Rep. Cindy Ryu (D-32), who—unlike the other contenders for the position—is, in addition to being a Democrat, an elected official; a woman; and a minority.

In the absence of any truly compelling or popular competitor (like another elected official), county insiders say Ryu currently looks like a shoo-in for the one-year appointment. 

State Rep. Cindy Ryu currently looks like a shoo-in for the one-year appointment.

3. City Council member Tim Burgess, who, as we reported, has been alerting campaign supporters to the possibility of a "big announcement" after Thanksgiving, has also reportedly been meeting one-on-one with all of his council colleagues away from City Hall over the past few days.

We have a call out to Burgess about the meetings, which were all reportedly scheduled at the last minute.

4. City council members, including Burgess, council president Sally Clark, and Nick Licata, are considering a proposal to require inclusionary zoning in South Lake Union—a mandate, essentially, that every residential building include a prescribed level of affordable housing.

Currently, the South Lake Union rezone proposal, which could allow buildings as tall as 400 feet, would require a less stringent zoning standard known as incentive zoning, which requires developers to provide incentives such as payments for affordable housing, child care, and transportation improvements, in exchange for greater height and density.

"I want to see the math," Clark says, to see whether inclusionary or incentive zoning yields more benefits for the South Lake Union neighborhood. 

5. Republican Attorney General Rob McKenna has been conspicuously absent since losing the governor's race earlier this month. He posted a YouTube address to supporters shortly after conceding to Democrat Jay Inslee, but otherwise nada. Except for a few recent press releases from the AG's office about consumer protection work  and a tweet about jogging (the morning after he conceded), McKenna has been silent.

He reemerged yesterday afternoon on Twitter, reporting that he was at a Stand with Israel rally in downtown Seattle in the wake of the latest conflagration between Hamas and Israel. 

6. The majority Democrats in the statehouse are considering creating (or recreating, actually) a finance committee. The finance committee, which deals with the revenue side of the budget equation, was folded into the ways & means committee, the spending side, in 2011 when Rep. Ross Hunter (D-48, Medina) took over as chair. 

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