A Rundown of the University of Washington’s Top Research Projects in 2012

UW scientist cured blind rodents, sniffed out owl scat, and “tricked” testicles in this year.

By Karen Taylor Quinn October 8, 2012 Published in the November 2012 issue of Seattle Met

$1.5 billion
Total grants the University of Washington Office of Research received in fiscal year 2012, including 5,032 new grants and 2,921 renewals 


$17.4 million

Largest federal research grant for fiscal year 2012, given to the UW’s Department of Genome Sciences for the advancement of HIV research 



Wild crows captured and detained by UW environmental scientists wearing masks for a study on wild birds’ response to threatening and nurturing behavior in humans. 


30 percent
Increased probability of finding elusive northern spotted owls using dogs that sniff out owl poop, according to a novel study recently published by UW researchers


Blind mice healed by UW ophthalmologists who discovered a chemical this year that restores vision in rodents with retinal degeneration

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