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On Other Blogs Today: The Mercer Mess, the DNC, and the Governor's Race

By Erica C. Barnett September 4, 2012

1. In response to the end of the "Mercer Mess," KIRO-FM tries to make "Dexter Disaster" and "Westlake Wrangle" happen.

2. In the run-up to the Democratic National Convention, the Democratic Party platform includes lots of promises for "newer roads," little green innovation, Streetsblog D.C. reports.

3. The Seattle Times gives the "Truth Needle" treatment to the Democrats' claim (and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Inlsee's claim at last Wednesday's debate) that Republican gubernatorial candidate (and state attorney general) Rob McKenna supported a budget that cut $74 million from education.

The debate (which we've been in the middle of for months) originates from a PubliCola article Josh wrote that quoted McKenna's spokesman at the AG's office, Dan Sytman, crediting legislators for reaching a budget deal that cut more than $70 million from education.

The Times sides with the McKenna camp.

4. Yikes: Republican congressional candidate Jim Postma, who's running against 9th District Democratic incumbent Adam Smith, crash-landed his twin-engine plane at the Spanaway Airport Monday, the Seattle Times reports.

5. The Tacoma News Tribune also reports that some of the nation's largest charter school businesses are taking a look at Washington State, which will vote on a measure to allow charter schools in November.

6. A long post on pregnancy, magical thinking, and choice that's worth every second it will take you to read it (by PubliCola pal Martha Bayne).
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