As rumors bounce around that the NBA's New Orleans Hornets may land in Seattle (the asked the mayor about the possibility yesterday), published a New Yorker-length feature story this week, starring "uber-fans" such as No. 1 Sonics fan Big Lo, aka, Lorin Sandretzky, about life in Seattle without the team.

It's a poignant piece.
More perversely, they've all watched from afar as the former Sonics -- 20-62 in their final season in Seattle -- have blossomed in Oklahoma City into one of the league's most promising young franchises, with an affable superstar in Kevin Durant, a budding second star in Russell Westbrook, terrific role players from Jeff Green to Serge Ibaka to Thabo Sefolosha and outstanding management of the cap by general manager Sam Presti. Leaving them with a hodgepodge of events to fill the time, from the WNBA's Storm to the Harlem Globetrotters to Seattle University basketball. It's just not the same.
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