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On Other Blogs Today: Stagehands Applaud Arena, Adam Kline Boos Yoshitani

By Erica C. Barnett September 21, 2012

1. The Puget Sound Business Journal reports on an announcement yesterday by janitors, stagehands, and other stadium workers that they like the mayor's arena proposal.

2. The mayor's office announced today that, in exchange for the city handing over three blocks of public alleys for its planned tower development in South Lake Union, Amazon plans to invest $5 million in transportation and other improvements in the neighborhood.Seattle Transit Blog has the details.

3. Yesterday, the Seattle Times picked up on PubliCola's September 13 story, where we reported that the so-called "KeyArena fund" in the arena agreement would actually go to the new arena if the Seattle Storm decided to move.

4. According to the New York Times, a law in Washington State requiring parents to get a doctor's note before refusing to immunize their kids has reduced the number of non-immunized children by 25 percent.

5. On the Seattle Timeseditorial page, state Sen. Adam Kline (D-37) argues that Port of Seattle CEO Tay Yoshitani should step down from his position as a board member of Expeditors International, a side gig that will pay Yoshitani $230,000 a year on top of his Port salary of nearly $400,000.

6. Here, via Gawker, is political blog Squashed's analysis of how many hours a minimum-wage worker supporting a stay-at-home wife (Romney style!) and two kids (three less than Romney, so fewer tax exemptions) would have to work, per day, to earn enough to meet Mitt Romney's standard of "personal responsibility"---paying federal income tax (in addition to state and local taxes, Medicare, and Social Security): 24 hours a day (with weekends to sleep). "See that? All you have to do to be responsible enough for guys like Mitt Romney is work all the time until you're dead."

7. Paul Krugman nails it with an op/ed in the NYT about Romney's longstanding disdain for workers. "When Mr. Romney waxed rhapsodic about the opportunities America offered to immigrants, he declared that they came in pursuit of 'freedom to build a business.' What about those who came here not to found businesses, but simply to make an honest living? Not worth mentioning."
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