1. On his blog, state Rep. Reuven Carlyle has strong words to describe the impact the city's proposed arena will have on KeyArena, and calls for a "serious commitment" to funding Seattle Center:
The language in the proposal to study the future of Key Arena punts on any meaningful commitment that recognizes the reality on the ground: Key Arena is dead and done the day the new arena opens. The city is effectively handing Hansen a monopoly of economic value in the form of no competition to his new facility, and yet the $7 million reserved from taxes paid during the two years the Sonics will play in Key is a trivial concession. It is his obligation to fund a rejuvenation or rebirth of Key Arena in some new fashion? No, but it is the obligation of the city to do more than include flowery, non committal language in the deal that translates into government talk for ‘we’ll see what we can do next time.’

2. In one of the state's most competitive legislative races, incumbent state Sen. Don Benton (R-17) continues to out-raise and out-spend his challenger, state Rep. Tim Probst (D-17), the Columbian reports.

3. The Tacoma News Tribune reports that a state committee set up to inform the state supreme court on the legislature's progress toward fully funding education is about to issue its first report. The supreme court ruled in January that the state isn't meeting its constitutional obligation to fully fund education, and the report isn't expected to show much progress toward that goal.

4. The Seattle Times covers last night's debate between attorney general candidates (and fellow King County Council members) Bob Ferguson, a Democrat, and Reagan Dunn, a Republican. The biggest areas of contrast: Environmental protection and the role of the attorney general's office itself. Watch the whole debate for yourself on TVW's The Capitol Record.

5. Bad real-estate news from Seattle Bubble: Foreclosures are up in and around Seattle---in some areas, way up.
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