"Nonpartisan" Dunn Sends Out Fundraising Letter as Republican

By Erica C. Barnett March 2, 2010

Last month, King County Council member Reagan Dunn sent out a fundraising letter under the letterhead "Honorable Reagan Dunn: Chair, Republican Caucus."

What's odd about that is: Thanks to a 2008 ballot measure, the King County Council is officially "nonpartisan"—and Dunn was one of four council Republicans who supported the measure.

Contacted by phone, Dunn said the council still meets in its partisan caucuses every Monday, "and we still call them the Republican caucus and the Democratic caucus. In some ways, that's unfortunate."

The Bellevue resident has been rumored to be a contender for the Eighth District Congressional seat currently held by Dave Reichert (who could run for Senate), or for state attorney general, if the current AG, Rob McKenna, runs for governor. (Dunn's council colleague Bob Ferguson is also rumored to be a contender for that seat.)

Dunn's letter does little to dispel those rumors. In addition to not saying what office Dunn is running for, it contains several references to counties other than King County (Clark County, for example, "has an unemployment rate over 14%) and concludes, "Together, we can bring meaningful change to Washington." Dunn says "right now," he's running for reelection. However, he adds, "I've heard all of those rumors and had lots of people approach me" about running for other positions. "
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