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On Other Blogs Today: False Claims and Free Rides

By Erica C. Barnett September 26, 2012

1. The city's design review board has given the nod to three 38-story towers Amazon wants to build in South Lake Union, Geekwire reports; the project now goes to the city's Department of Planning and Development for further review.

2. The Seattle Times"Truth Needle" says an independent expenditure ad from the Republican Governor's Association in support of GOP gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna  is "mostly false" for claiming that McKenna's Democratic opponent, Jay Inslee, voted for a massive tax increase on small businesses.

3. The Atlantic asks the question, "What do corporations owe the towns in which they're located?", using two Seattle-area examples---Boeing, which closed a Wichita, Kansas plant after promising that a $35 billion Air Force contract would save jobs in Wichita, and Microsoft, which intentionally over-used power at its data farm in Quincy, WA to avoid a fine for underestimating the amount of power it would buy in exchange for discounted electricity rates.

4. National politics blog Firedoglake ranks Washington State's Referendum 74 (marriage equality) and Initiative 502 (pot legalization) among the top state initiatives "that could change the whole country."

5. "End of Seattle's free-ride zone to hit poorest of the poor hardest": The Seattle Times quotes social-service providers, homeless bus riders, and downtown business advocates who say more needs to be done to serve bus riders who can't afford to pay the $2.25 fare. In response, the right-leaning Washington Policy Center's blog argues for keeping the ride-free area but forcing all other transit riders to pay the "unsubsidized" cost of a bus fare---ignoring, as usual, the massive subsidies governments provide to drivers in the form of general taxes that pay for roads, underpriced parking, subsidies for oil and gas companies, and much, much more.
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