In his latest post at Horses' Ass, David Goldstein (AKA Goldy) takes on the Seattle Times' ed board (shock! awe!). The issue? The Times is fawning over State Attorney General Rob McKenna's call for liability reform. (Liability reform: Limiting people's ability to sue the state when, for example, a parolee under state supervision assaults a citizen, or when a child in state-supervised foster care is abused).

Which is true. Their editorial is kind of a lovefest. Everyone knows the Seattle Times thinks Rob McKenna is just dreamy, and wouldn't he please ask them to prom already?

And their "facts" are less than sound. The argument that McKenna makes (and that the Times eats up): in 2009, Washington paid more in settlements than the states of Massachusetts, Indiana, Arizona, and Tennessee, despite being of comparable size. Therefore, we need liability reform! (McKenna is calling for moves like capping the amount for which the state can be sued, limiting the areas of liability for which the state can be sued, and making liability proportional. e.g., if the harm is the percent the state's fault, the state pays for thirty percent of the cost.)

Uh. Okay. I don't suppose it's possible that we were more liable than those states in 2009? The Times didn't bother to check.

On the other hand, neither did Goldy. Instead, he blamed our higher liability bill on the irrefutable fact that Rob McKenna is a "crappy lawyer."

So let's see. The Times ran a campy editorial with shaky evidence about liability reform fawning over a prominent Republican. Goldy runs a piece with shaky evidence and lambasting that same prominent Republican.

There's a cliche that I should use to wrap this up... something about a pot and a kettle...?
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