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On Other Blogs Today: Density, the WTO, the Arena, and More

By Erica C. Barnett September 27, 2012

1. Take that, density haters: The apartment boom is lowering rents in King County, proving the law of supply and demand isn't just for sodas and candy bars. The Seattle Times 
has the details.

2. The European Union is asking the World Trade Organization for trade sanctions of up to $12 billion a year against the US for federal subsidies that, sanction proponents argue, give Boeing an unfair advantage over its European rival, Airbus, the New York Times reports

3. On his blog,
 city council member Richard Conlin explains his vote against the arena; Conlin, along with Nick Licata, was one of just two city council members to vote against the half-billion-dollar proposal.

4. Streetsblog DC reports that US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, misquoting federal data showing that 79 percent of pedestrian deaths occur at non-intersections, says 80 percent of pedestrians killed by cars were at fault for their own deaths.

5. Finally, Talking Points Memo reports that Fox News completely distorted the growth of the federal government under President Obama, using two different metrics to measure growth under former President Bush and Obama to make growth during the Obama administrative look much larger. (In reality, it was slightly lower).
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