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Rachel Maddow Adds Baumgartner to Her List of Politicians Refusing to Answer Questions

By Morning Fizz August 23, 2012

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1. The 46th District Democrats, whose district encompasses much of North Seattle (though not, notably, the University District) has adopted a resolution supporting a proposal to build a public plaza, rather than transit-oriented development (apartments, retail, and cafes) on the land above the U District light rail station.

After decrying the UW's plan to build "a dense and bulky building ... when other sites for housing are available within the general area," instead of "a central and inviting public open space," the resolution concludes, "the 46th District Democrats urge Sound Transit to delay indefinitely a vote to sell the air rights above its University Station site until the mandates of [the State Environmental Policy Act] have been fully complied with and until Sound Transit has given [the public plaza proposal] a fair and honest hearing."

There's a Sound Transit board hearing on the proposal today.

We interviewed to Sound Transit board member and King County Council member Joe McDermott for yesterday's installment of "One Question" to ask him his opinion of the proposal.

2. Want to see a couple of incredibly cheesy videos promoting the city's new After 5 Parking Program, which allows drivers to pay for three hours of parking in neighborhoods with nighttime paid parking, instead of forcing them to feed the meter at 7 (the previous policy)? Here you go. Warning: Pirates are involved.

3. Speaking of videos, in a recent Q&A with former 1st Congressional District candidate—and lefty icon—Darcy Burner, we promised we'd report back to her on a local band we'd heard about.

From the Q&A:
PubliCola: A friend of mine told me that she has two friends who are in a band, and the band is called Darcy Burner. They’ve only played two house parties. And I don’t mean political house parties. I mean house parties—beer keggers. I asked them what the significance of the name was. Here’s what the drummer emailed me: “It’s just bad ass, really that was the inspiration. It has nothing to do with the politician.” And then there’s a smiley face.  So there you have it. I’ll have to go see them.

Darcy Burner: You’ll have to tell me if they’re any good.

Darci Burner live

If you're still reading PubliCola, Darcy, we found video from their first professional gig last week at Lo-Fi. Word is, though, the drummer moved, and their debut may have also been their swan song.

Also, they spelled it with an "i"—Darci Burner.

4. More video?

Go to the 5:33 mark in this video from last night's Rachel Maddow Show. That's right, the story about state Sen. Michael Baumgartner (R-6, Spokane) made the Rachel Maddow Show.

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4. Speaking of the Baumgarnter story: Baumgartner is trying to turn his Monday night temper tantrum into a victory with his conservative base; he's taken to talk radio to boast about taking on a "liberal blogger."

At the exact same time, the Washington State Republican Party was busy sending out a press release yesterday trashing Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Inlsee with links to PubliCola that, well, trash Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee (click on the word "admitted" in their release linked above.)

Note to Baumgartner's campaign: If you try to get the party to remove the link, we do have yesterday's press release in our inbox—plus all the other ones they've sent throughout the campaign linking this "liberal blog."
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