More of this at the UW? Sound Transit will discuss whether to build transit-oriented development, or more open space, at its meeting tomorrow.

As we mentioned in PubliCalendar, the Sound Transit board will be discussing plans for the land above its University of Washington subway station at its meeting tomorrow afternoon.

Although the land is currently being used for construction staging for the station, Sound Transit plans to sell the land to the UW after construction is complete. Sound Transit has proposed building transit-oriented development (in other words, dense urban development including housing, shops, and other businesses) at the site; others, including several local architects, have proposed turning the site into a new public plaza, arguing that density needs public open space to work.

For today's installment of  "One Question," we asked Sound Transit board member, King County Council member, and UW alum Joe McDermott what he thought should be done with the site.

McDermott's response:

"While a densely populated neighborhood certainly does need open space, I would point out that there is some on the campus itself," including Red Square---the large (and often sparsely populated) plaza at the heart of the UW campus .

"I can't assert that it's necessarily enough [open space], but Sound Transit also has an obligation to get fair market value for the land that we have at our station, and the [open space] proposals that I'm aware of don't come with a funding plan that's viable."

The Sound Transit board meets tomorrow from 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm at Union Station, 401 S. Jackson St.

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