Monday Jolt: Gael Tarleton Responds to Arena Claims

By Afternoon Jolt August 13, 2012

We're not taking sides on the contentious arena issue---so no winner or loser today---but here's a Jolt courtesy of Seattle Port Commissioner Gael Tarleton, the 36th District state legislative candidate who struck back this afternoon.

This morning, Tarleton's opponent, Noel Frame, labeled Tarleton "an obstructionist and naysayer" on the proposal. (Frame went on to accuse Tarleton of being "a mouthpiece for the Port" and other wealthy special interests.)

This afternoon, Tarleton issued her sharp response. It reads, in part:

Taxpayers and voters of the 36th District expect elected officials to know how to scrutinize deals that involve taxpayer dollars. The SODO [arena] deal is a proposal from hedge fund managers to spend public money to support private developer interests.  Political pandering to private developers does not create or protect union jobs, and risks undermining our collective responsibility to honor the Growth Management Act and [the State Environmental Policy Act]. ...

With hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars at stake, we cannot risk suffering from buyers’ remorse. It is not my job to increase the profit margins of private developers on the backs of working people, union jobs and taxpayers. As an elected official, it is my job to make sure that public dollars are spent in public to serve the broadest public interests.

Read Tarleton's whole statement here, and Frame's whole statement here.
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