Tuesday Jolt: Major Doorbelling and Minor Violation

By Afternoon Jolt July 31, 2012

Today's winner: 36th District state House candidate Noel Frame, for whom the Service Employees International Union Local 775---the home health care workers' union---is doorbelling this weekend. 

On top of endorsements from lefty groups like Fuse Washington, high-profile officials like Gov. Chris Gregoire, and Democratic powerhouses like the state teachers' union (the Washington Education Association), Noel Frame, one of five Democratic candidates in the crowded race for the 36th District state house seat being vacated by Democrat Mary Lou Dickerson, has the support of the state chapter of the SEIU, one of the state's largest and  unions.

On Saturday, the SEIU plans to knock on 5,000 doors in the 36th District on behalf of Frame, along with other candidates including Democratic gubernatorial contender Jay Inslee, Republican state Sen. Steve Litzow (R-41), and labor organizer Ben Lawver, who's running for the open 29th District state house seat being vacated by Democrat Connie Ladenburg.

Today's loser: Seattle city hall gadfly Chris Leman.

Leman, head of the Eastlake Community Council and an advocate for transparency in government, complained to the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission that proponents the proposed library levy (on the ballot for August 7) violated city ethics rules by using city facilities to promote the ballot measure.

The commission's director, Wayne Barnett, dismissed all six of Leman's claims against the city, including the claim that library fact sheets about the levy illegally promoted the proposal; that the city's budget office came up with the library's 2012 shortfall before other departments in an effort to promote the levy; and that the pro-levy Library Foundation illegally used library facilities to promote the levy.

Barnett did agree that by displaying a 52-page document prepared by the library proposing to put a library levy on the ballot at every library branch, the library did commit a "minor violation" of the ethics code.
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