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Shoot'n With the Sheriff

By Josh Feit July 17, 2012

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1. King County sheriff Steve Strachan, who has described himself as a "conservative Republican," (and who Erica flagged as a hardcore anti-choice politician on the morning he was speaking alongside US Sen. Patty Murray to promote the Violence Against Women Act) is holding a fundraiser in an unusual location this coming Friday: Wade's Gun Shop in Bellevue.

The suggested minimum donation at the event, dubbed "Shoot'n With the Sheriff," is $50. Here's the flyer. And yes, that is Elmer Fudd ... on the lower right.

2. Here's a follow-up to our report on 1st Congressional District candidate Darcy Burner's net worth (after Burner started running populist Google ads decrying millionaires in Congress, we noted that Burner herself was worth $2 million at the high end and $750,000 at the low end, according to her financial disclosure statement).

Burner's campaign spokesman says Burner's net worth is "closer to the low end."

As for the three pieces of property listed on her statement: She sold one. And the other is a 1977 Fleetwood Single Wide trailer home that she bought for her brother who, she says, was in recovery and nearly homeless.[pullquote]The tweets sent by a member of my campaign staff, Kathlyn Ehl, were offensive and inappropriate.They were insensitive and wrong.—Rob McKenna[/pullquote]

3. Here's a follow-up to yesterday's Tweet of the Day: You'll remember, we posted about a couple of racist and ageist tweets by a young Rob McKenna gubernatorial campaign staffer; sample: "shut up and speak english #asians".

Later in the day, McKenna denounced the tweets and the staffer, Kathlyn Ehl, apologized.

"The tweets sent by a member of my campaign staff, Kathlyn Ehl, were offensive and inappropriate.They were insensitive and wrong, regardless of the context," McKenna said in a statement.

3. Speaking of McKenna, Fizz is a bit obsessed with a detail the Seattle Times noted in their profile of McKenna's formative years: The GOP candidate acknowledged that he voted for the Democrat, Walter Mondale, over Republican icon Ronald Reagan in the 1984 Presidential election.

Here's the thing, though. McKenna turned 18 in October 1980. Which has Fizz wondering: Did McKenna also vote for Republican bogey man Jimmy Carter?

We have a call out to McKenna to find out.

4. We're bringing back our popular Tuesday ThinkTank column. The first installment hits later today: Dueling editorials by state Rep. Eric Pettigrew and state Rep. Marcie Maxwell on I-1240, the charter schools initiative on the November ballot.

5. Speaking of contentious issues: We're hosting a forum on the $490 million arena proposal. Mark your calendars for July 30. The forum is  at EVO cabaret on Capitol Hill and will ESPN 710's Mike Salk, Seattle City Council member Mike O'Brien, former Seattle City Council president Peter Steinbrueck, and Seattle Port Commissioner Tom Albro.

Erica and Josh will be moderating the discussion, which begins at 7 0'clock.
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