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On Other Blogs Today: Inslee, Unions, Biking Cuts, and College Costs

By Erica C. Barnett July 13, 2012

Jay Inslee's faux-Republican claim that middle-management jobs in state government have "increased 1000 percent"? "Mostly false," the Seattle Times' "Truth Needle" says.

In the post-Citizens United world, big business argues that they're just doing what labor unions have been doing all along. Salon.com explains why they're wrong.

For once, bicyclists agree with GOP US House Speaker John Boehner (and disagree with Sen. Barbara Boxer): According to The Hill's Transportation Report blog, the bicyclist coalition America Bikes agrees with Boehner that the new transportation bill "includes deep and disproportionate cuts in funding for biking and walking projects." Of course, the cyclists think this is a problem; Boehner, on the other hand, has referred to bike and pedestrian programs as frivolous "beautification" projects.

As the cost of college skyrockets, and at a time when a college degree is a minimum requirement for the majority of well-paying US jobs, the number of Washington State residents with college degrees has plummeted. According to the AP, the number of 25-to-34-year-olds with college degrees has declined by 6,000 in the past two years---to 40.3 percent. President Obama has said he wants 60 percent of US residents to have a college degree by the end of the decade. Good look with that.
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