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Former Longtime Costco CEO Hosting Obama Fundraiser

By Morning Fizz July 23, 2012

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1. It's hard to find words to talk about the tragedy in Colorado. Indeed, asked about gun control laws, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee (a long time gun control advocate who said he supports closing the state's gun show loophole), didn't have a lot to say when asked if cities should have the right to have stricter gun control laws than the state.

It seems to Fizz, in fact, that he lifted a standby talking point straight off President Obama's script.

Here's President Obama on Friday night from Congressional Quarterly: “'There are going to be other days for politics. Today is a day for reflection and prayer,' Obama told the crowd gathered a few minutes ago for the cancelled campaign rally at the Harborside Event Center in Fort Myers."

And here's Inslee on KIRO: "Today is not a day for policy discussion. It's a day for reflection and prayer. That's what we should focus on today."[pullquote]Costco CEO James Sinegal is hosting an Obama fundraiser at his Hunts Point home where Obama will be meeting with 30 business leaders Tuesday night.[/pullquote]

2. Curious about where President Obama's private Tuesday night fundraiser is going to be held? Big Democratic donor and recently retired Costco CEO James Sinegal is hosting it at his Hunts Point home where Obama will be meeting with 30 business leaders.

Sinegal's wife Janet has already donated $35,000 to the Obama campaign.

3. Inslee's TV ad blitz pulled him dead even with his Republican rival AG Rob McKenna (who'd been leading in polls for months.)

Now McKenna's got an ad of his own

Ironically, the hyperkinetic commercial is based on a successful model first used by super liberal US Paul Wellstone back in the 90s that featured Wellstone running around like a madman getting things done.

4. NYT political reporter Matt Bai had a reality check for liberals in the NYT Magazine yesterday showing that the Citizens United ruling isn't actually the super bogey man that lefties claim.

Josh came into work gloating this morning as he's been saying the same thing for over a year now.
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