May Day Jolt

By Afternoon Jolt May 1, 2012

Today's Loser: American Apparel

The Occupy Movement certainly needed a jolt, but the May Day protests probably set back the cause today as protests from New York City to San Francisco were marred by violent protesters who smashed windows and tangled with police.

The violence is likely to undercut public support.

Jolt is going to resist the obvious editorializing on that point—we get that bashing windows is moronic—but at least there's a dose of logic in vandalizing the Bank of America at 5th Avenue and Olive Way, the Wells Fargo Bank at 4th Avenue and Seneca, and Homestreet Bank at 6th and University.

Today's loser, though, goes to American Apparel on 6th, which also got hit. There's obviously stuff to take American Apparel to task for—their MO is creepy sexist and their pay is for shit—but getting targeted along with big banks in 99 Percenter protest is pretty bad luck. You'd think the fact that the place is staffed by low-wage workers would be a deterrent to the anarchists.

Footnote analysis to today's events: We totally get McGinn on this one—"My directive to the police is that I expect them to respond to lawbreaking swiftly and aggressively."

But we have to say: This sounds like a recipe for trouble. Remember, this is the same police department that the DOJ condemned last fall for excessive use of force. Granting the police extraordinary powers to take "potential weapons," including signs, away from people seems a little dicey to us.
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