We're handing Jolt over to the Seattle Times reporter Emily Hefter who has more details in the ongoing investigation into Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon's misuse of public dollars. The Washington State Patrol is trying to determine if Reardon conducted an affair on the public dime.

Hefter reports that another woman has come forward to say she was involved in an afternoon threesome with Reardon and his girlfriend, Tamara Dutton, while Reardon was supposedly meeting with someone from a local trade organization.

Loser: Reardon.

Here's Hefter:

A second woman now alleges she had sex with Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon on a day when his office calendar showed he was having lunch with a representative of a local trade organization.

Reardon's assistant scheduled the lunch in late 2010. But behind the scenes, Reardon, the woman and one of her girlfriends planned a liaison at a Bothell town home, according to both women and emails among the three.


Dutton claims Reardon asked her to set up a liaison with the three of them. The other woman said she had been going through some personal problems and agreed to join them.

On Oct. 8, the woman wrote on Facebook to Reardon that "we're planning a meal fit for a king: grapes, assorted fruit, cheeses, breads ... Champagne, and sushi."

Reardon replied: "Champaign[sic]? Good grief. You're making me laugh." He added: "Trying to get me tipsy?"

His office calendar was clear that day until 5 p.m.

Dutton said she took a vacation day from her county job.

In text messages between the two women, Dutton later wrote that Reardon wanted to plan another "lunch."

The other woman replied: "did u tell him 3somes are off until he behaves?"
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