As we reported yesterday, the city spent about $1.2 million---more than half of its budget for emergency weather events---responding to last week's snow and ice storms.

Here's how that figure compares to expenditures on snow and ice response in recent years:

2006: $1.2 million.

2007: $1.7 million.

2008: $1.9 million.

2009: $2.9 million.

2010: $1.6 million.

2011: $1.2 million.

Keep in mind, though, that we are only three weeks into 2012; if another storm hits later this winter or before the end of the year, the city will have only about $1 million on hand in its emergency response fund to deal with snow and ice.

The city has a $44 million reserve fund for emergencies, which it would have to tap if another major weather event hits this year.

We have a call out to Seattle Department of Transportation spokesman Rick Sheridan for a line-by-line breakdown of how SDOT spent its emergency response money during the storm, as well as information on whether the cost of dealing with major weather events has increased.
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