Today's slow-news-day loser: Former city council challenger Bobby Forch. 

Forch, a city transportation department employee who ran unsuccessfully against two-term council member Jean Godden in November, ended his campaign $61,000 in debt---and recent campaign finance reports indicate he hasn't made up much ground since.

As of the end of November---the last time Forch's campaign filed a campaign finance report---Forch was nearly $58,000 in the red. That number includes more than $48,000 in debt to Forch consultant John Wyble, almost $3,500 to fundraiser Colby Underwood, and more than $1,000 to treasurer Jason Bennett.

Forch has reported receiving two contributions since the election: $100 from a Seattle parks employee and $50 from an art gallery consultant.

Ultimately, Forch came extremely close to beating Godden, losing the race by just over 2,000 votes.
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