Today in Fuzz: Georgetown home invasion, details in Capitol Hill shooting, UW students robbed, and Phoenix Jones' gun problem.

1) Seattle Police Department documents detail how a tip from a man an arrested in Kent late last month led police to a suspected mugger who police say shot a man during a robbery on Capitol Hill in October.

As officers were booking a man into the Regional Justice Center in Kent last month, he told a guard he would provide information about the violent mugging if they would help him get out of another unrelated case, which isn't detailed in documents.

The man told police he was driving to Capitol Hill with his girlfriend in October when they ran into an acquaintance—the man police later arrested for the shooting—who said he needed a ride to Capitol Hill so he "could collect some money"

The man gave the suspect a ride and dropped him off  near Olive Way.

Moments later, the man and his girlfriend heard a loud boom and saw the suspect running down the street, police records say.

When the man and his girlfriend picked the suspect up, he said he'd just shot someone, and gave the gun to the driver, who later passed it to a family member in Yakima, who hid the gun.

Police records say the suspect had planned to go to Yakima to get the gun, and  was then planning to go to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Instead, a SWAT team arrested the man after he barricaded himself in the basement of a home on Beacon Hill last week.

2) Three University of Washington students were robbed at gunpoint on the Ave Monday night.

Just before midnight, the three students were standing outside of Schmitz Hall on 40th and University Way NE when two men walked up to them, pulled out handguns, and took their backpacks, cell phones, wallets, and a laptop.

Police also say the muggers attacked one of the students when they tried to run.

3) A student at Rainier Beach high school also told police he was mugged after class last week, according to a police report.

On Friday, the student was walking by the football fields at the south end of the school around 3:15 pm when someone came up behind him, put him in an arm-bar hold, and knocked him to the ground, face first.

The suspect, who was wearing a white bandanna over his face, took the teen's iPhone and ran off.

The boy waited a half hour to report the incident to police, because he was afraid "of possible retribution," the report says. He also told officers other students saw the robbery but didn't help him.

4) Police say a Georgetown resident woke up early this morning to find a man standing next to his bed. The man reportedly demanded money and threatened to shoot the victim if he didn't hand over his cash.

After the suspect grabbed a few things from the victim's apartment and took off, the victim called 911. Officers found the suspect near 6th Ave. S. and S. Michigan St., where they Tasered and arrested him.

Officers found the victim's wallet and cell phone in the suspect's pockets.

Police believe the man entered the victim's apartment through an unlocked front door.

Jail records indicate the suspect has been on Department of Corrections supervision, and has been arrested for assault and theft.

5) It looks like local masked avenger Phoenix Jones had a gun pulled on him twice this weekend. In addition to the incident in South Seattle we mentioned earlier today, a police report says Jones was involved in another incident with an armed man in Belltown Sunday.

The report says police got a call from one of Jones' crimefighter sidekicks from the Rain City Superhero Movement, who said the costumed crew had seen a man pacing back and forth along Western Ave. and Viginia St. with a gun.

The man also reportedly pointed the gun at Jones during the incident.

By the time police arrived, the suspect had fled, but Jones' cameraman offered to give police footage of the gunman.

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