Machetes, Speakeasy Defendants, and Seahawks

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee December 1, 2011

Today in Fuzz: man slashed with machete in West Seattle, more defendants plead guilty in speakeasy case, and man and woman attacked after getting kicked out of Seahawks game.

1) A man armed with a machete slashed another man during a fight at a West Seattle home Sunday morning. According to police, the man injured in the incident told officers he was at a home near Olson Pl. SW and 1st Ave. S Sunday when he heard someone arguing in the living room, followed by the sound of knives being thrown against the wall.

The victim came out into the living room to find out what was happening and saw a man with a machete in his hand. From the report, it appears the victim and suspect knew each other.

When the victim told the man he needed to leave, the suspect responded "Come on motherfucker, you want to do that shit?" and raised the machete at the victim.

The victim tried to force the armed man out the front door of the home, and during the ensuing struggle the victim was cut on the nose and wrist.

Police weren't able to find the suspect, but they did find the machete and seized it as evidence.

2) Rashaad Thompson and Howard Honeycutt, two of the last three defendants in the Seattle speakeasy case, pleaded guilty to gambling charges in King County Superior Court earlier this month. Prosecutors charged Thompson, Honeycutt, and five other men for allegedly running several underground casinos around Seattle, which were later infiltrated by police, ultimately leading to a $200,000 drug bust.

Thompson received 100 hours of community service and a $500 fine, while Honeycutt faces two years of probation for a related drug charge. The last remaining defendant, local artist DK Pan, has not yet taken a plea in the case and is scheduled to go to trial in January. Court records indicate that earlier this month, prosecutors dropped one of the three counts of gambling previously filed against Pan.

3) A man and woman told police they were attacked by in Pioneer Square last week after they were ejected from a Seahawks game following a confrontation with a group of men and women.

According to a police report, the victims were at a Seahawks game on November 27, when they got into a fight with a group of people sitting in a row behind them.

Centurylink Field security apparently kicked the male and female victim out of the game, and as they were leaving, the male victim told a guard he'd been hit in the face by a woman in the group. Security told the man they'd talk to her about the incident, too.

After leaving the stadium, the man and woman were walking up 2nd Ave. S. at S. Jackson St. when a group of four or five men and women "popped out," a report says, and attacked them. (The report does not say what the group popped out of.) The group punched the victims and stole the woman's purse before the suspects climbed into a silver Honda Civic and drove off.

The victims gave police the license plate number for the suspect's Honda and were checked out by medics at the scene.
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