The latest vote drop shows that three local races are incredibly close, with one school board race flipping in favor of the challenger; one suburban city council race now so close that it will probably end up in a recount; and one city council race in Seattle that could, conceivably, flip in favor of the challenger.

In the race for Seattle School board director, District 1, challenger Sharon Peaslee edged ahead of incumbent Peter Maier, with 49.87 percent to Maier's 49.8 percent, a margin of 91 votes. As we mentioned this morning, the race---which many, including PubliCola, initially believed would go to Maier---now seems likely to end up in Peaslee's favor. That race includes 452 write-in votes.

In the race for an open seat on the Bellevue City Council, John Stokes was barely holding on to his lead against Kemper Freeman-backed Aaron Laing, with 50.01 percent to Laing's 48.72 percent, a gap of just 79 votes. That race includes 75 write-in votes. If the margin stays as close as it currently is or narrows, that race will almost certainly head for a recount.

And in the race for Seattle City Council Position 1, challenger Bobby Forch continued to pick away at incumbent Jean Godden's lead, with 48.65 percent to Godden's 50.99 percent. Forch has had a higher margin of every successive vote drop; in the most recent drop, Forch won 54.4 percent. Although Forch's campaign consultant, John Wyble, didn't sound overly optimistic about his chances, he said, "I don't think we're dead in the water.

"The trend has to keep going or there have to be a lot more votes" outstanding for Forch to win, Wyble said.
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