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McGinn Staff Emails Mocking Pro-Tunnel Crowd, Not So Funny Now

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee November 2, 2011

I hate to be the guy to pour buckets of salt into a fresh wound, but while I was combing through a public disclosure request earlier this week, I came across a reminder of just how insufferable Mayor Mike McGinn and Co. were about "the people's" position on the damned tunnel.

Back in March, McGinn's policy analyst Elliot Day sent an email to several other staffers—Nate Merrill, April Thomas, Aaron Pickus, Derek Farmer, and Ainsley Close—apparently mocking a letter received from a constituent, which he titled "Case of the Day." Here's the initial email from a voter:
"Hi Mike

I was wondering if you ever thought about a toll for the viaduct or the tunnel?

thanks Dave"

Mayor's office IT staffer Nate Merrill responded to fellow McGinnista Day by upping the ante with, he believed, an even zanier constituent email that came in to McGinn's office:

"I see that and raise you this," Merrill wrote (sic throughout).
"We need roads for CARS. Stop with the bike crap, mass transit nonsense...they do NOTHING for those of us jobs to get too, errands to run, and families with events to transport too.

Build some roads today...and ideally use a non-union shop to build them!!!!!"

Day's response?

"I fold"

Indeed you did, guys. Indeed you did.
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