Today's winner: Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn. 

McGinn, who's been pushing the city council to include $1.5 million in their 2012 budget to study high-capacity transit (in McGinn's definition: rail) on the west side of Seattle, got a moral boost for his quixotic crusade today, when the federal government awarded the city a $900,000 grant to study a streetcar line linking the South Lake Union streetcar to the voter-approved (and funded) First Hill streetcar.

The city's Transit Master Plan, which envisions the streetcar running along Fourth or Fifth Avenue, predicts the link would add as many as 10,000 riders to the existing streetcar system.

“Combined with rail planning money I have proposed in the 2012 budget and funding from other sources, this brings us closer to expanding our streetcar network and giving people better transportation choices," McGinn said in a statement.
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