SDOT's Real-Time Bus Info System on the Fritz

By Erica C. Barnett October 10, 2011


Remember this---when, two weeks ago, the Seattle Department of Transportation installed a "real-time information kiosk" that was supposed to provide "real-time bus arrival information" at Third and Pine (and, incidentally, help turn the troubled corner into a block-long bus stop in an effort to improve public safety)?

As of this morning, the only "real-time information" it was displaying was an error message:

We have a call out to Seattle Department of Transportation spokesman Rick Sheridan to find out what's going on with the sign.

UPDATE: Sheridan says the sign is back up and working again. "This problem is the first one we have experienced since the sign went live in late September.  This short term glitch in our pilot program doesn’t undermine the value of offering real-time arrival information to bus patrons," Sheridan says.

In the meantime, OneBusAway is working just fine.
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