Friday Jolt: Republican Candidate Goes on 99 Percenter Rant

By Afternoon Jolt October 21, 2011

Not so much a winner or loser here today, more of a jolt in the slight shock way.

Laura Ruderman, one of the group of six Democrats that's  jockeying for US Rep. Jay Inslee's (D-WA, 1) seat—Inslee's running for governor—isn't the only candidate that's into the Occupy Wall Street protests—the lone Republican in the race is too.

James Watkins, the business consultant, former Microsoft adviser and former FDIC manager who's making his second run at the seat, not only notes on his web site that he's fascinated with the movement (sure he criticizes them because he thinks they "don't have a coherent message," but he also links to their demands in a friendly way), but he also posted this 99 Percenter rant titled "The Skinny Cat Club: Us vs. The Machine"—

For too long, election outcomes have been determined by special interests and their fat cat donors.  Our political opponents in 2012 have deep pockets – they’re powered by a machine fed by fat cat special interests.  Check out their biggest donors.  Fat cat public unions.  Fat cat trial lawyers.  Fat cat financial services firms – from Wall Street, not main street!  In fact, fat cats of all kinds that depend on government handouts, bailouts, and over-regulation to prosper.

On our side, especially in the first district, we don’t have many fat cats – we’re skinny cats.  We work hard for a living.  But if we want victory in 2012, and more commonsense in Congress, we're going to have to build our own machine – a grass roots machine made up of skinny cats – people like you and me, our families, and our neighbors.  Because nobody else is going to do it for us.

The idea of the Skinny Cat Club is simple.  Times are hard, and we work for a living – when we’ve got jobs.  We want a government that represents us, and we’ve got to win now, in this election.  For the most part, we can’t afford the massive donations fat cats make.  But almost everyone can afford the cost of a cup of coffee a week for victory.  Some can afford a dollar a day or more.  For the cost of one Starbucks a week, you can fight the fat cats and elect a Congressman answerable to you – and the citizens of the 1st CD.

I invite you to join me and my skinny cats as we take on the special interests.  With your financial support, we’re going to beat the fat cat machine – and bring some common sense to Washington DC.

So click here and sign up today.  And then tell your friends!

Watkins himself hasn't raised much money this time out—$29,00 so far. He did manage to raise $350,000 last time out (not much compared to Inslee's $1.4 million). And most of it from individual donors not corporate PACs.

We have a message in to Watkins.
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