Two-term incumbent city council incumbent Jean Godden, who's being challenged by SDOT manager Bobby Forch (an African-American challenger who the's Joel Connelly, in an embarrassing Joe Biden gaffe, praises as "articulate"), said at a recent campaign forum that she would rather see the state legislature fund human services than give more funding to the University of Washington, Connelly reports.

"[Godden] predicted the University of Washington will appeal for more money when the state Legislature convenes for a special session in late November.

'We must watch it because it will come at the expense of human services,” said Godden, seeking her third term. Godden promised to lobby against such a shift in state priorities."

Today, Associated Students of the UW government relations director Andrew Lewis responded to Godden's statement.

“I find it perplexing that in a political climate where tax loopholes for banks, marijuana liberalization, and criminal justice reform are on the table as funding sources, council member Godden has proposed reducing funding to the largest employer in her city," Lewis said in a statement.

The state faces a $1.4 billion revenue shortfall over the next biennium, and has cut UW's state funding by more than half over the past four years.
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